About Us

Genius Modern School was established in 1914 It is designed on 20000 m2 The school building surrounded by the playgrounds that allow learner's to practice different activities and different games so the school provides the following systems

* First : full day school ,it is the sports school because we strongly believe in sports activity which benifit the students immensely by developing skills in leadership, social skills,time-management skills team work skills and fostering commitments in addition to the Time allocated to giving extra revision and study time to revise the previous lessons

* Second : Genius Modern has also official day school it seeks to develop well educated adults to meet the demands of the future and provides the best quality educational experience in order to up_bring ageneration of youth that mentally, physically and social capable of meeting the challenge of rapidly changing world. We believe in empowering our students with moral, intellectual and creative skills to become academically, socialy, physically and emotionally responsible and successful

*Third : The American system, which is the department that the school adminstration has recently opened in its desire to support and develop the school's learning system,as well as to give its students the opportunity to acquire the American diploma. The classes of the American division have been equipped with the latest advanced educational means appropriate for this system of education

* Fourth : Genius Modern School provides adestinictive service for special needs student's.Ourgool is to implement positive behavior in our students.We expect our students to be responsible, respectful and always abiding by the school discipline policy and following our school regulations.